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GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download v16.20 Official 2022 Anti-Ban (Updated)

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GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Official (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022

Download GBWhatsApp Pro

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK may be a wildly known WhatsApp mod and among the simplest alternatives to the official WhatsApp app, the foremost widely used chatting app on android and IOS phones. Most android users like better to download the GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version on their android devices since this WhatsApp mod adds more fun to their chatting experience. GBWhatsapp Pro Apk said more to the user experience by introducing features like voice and video calling, chatting, Voice Notes, etc. GBWhatsapp Download also offers other features like sharing locations, documents, contacts, and media like videos, stickers, pictures, etc. So if you’re wondering where to download the newest version, I will be able to provide you with the direct link to download the GBWhatsapp app.

Where to Download GBWhatsapp Pro v16.20 Full Version 2022

Next time, if you’re interested in where you’ll get the newest version of GBWhatsapp apk, navigate to your browser and sort; click on Apps on the there you’ll see the most recent version of GBWhatsapp Download.

GBWhatsapp For iPhone

It is satisfying that GBWhatsapp is now available for IOS devices. iPhone users can now download the IOS version of this WhatsApp mod and install it to enjoy what Andriod users are taking advantage of. During this section, I will provide the download link for the GBWhatsapp IOS version and put it in it.

Some of the user-focused characteristics of GBWhatsApp are, but aren’t limited to:

Download GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20 File sharing

WhatsApp allows you to share about ten images directly, and there are even restrictions on the file size of videos and documents which will be shared with the service. Using GBWhatsApp, users can transfer up to 100 images simultaneously and may send video files as large as 50MB in one go. Audio files with a maximum size of 100MB can also be shared with outhit contacts directly without compression.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20 Scheduler

Birthdays, meeting reminders, broadcasts, and other such essential messages are often scheduled before time. This protects you from the effort of forgetting and scrambling to send a notification when it’s too late.

Anti-Revoke messages Download GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20

 Don’t worry about people deleting messages after sending them to you anymore. With this feature, you can read all deleted messages like they were still there.

Privacy Of Download GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20

GBWhatsApp is additionally big on Privacy, ensuring users can remove last seen status, prevent others from knowing once they have checked their status, remove the second (delivered) tick and conceal the blue dot on recordings listened to. Unlike the regular WhatsApp, though, you continue to get to ascertain these from other contacts.

To enjoy these and more, download the GBWhatsapp Download Pro from the box above; also, Click Here if you would like to read the complete descriptions.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro

Download GBWhatsApp Pro Privacy –

GBWhatsApp is additionally big on Privacy, ensuring users can remove last seen status, prevent others from knowing once they need to be checked their status, remove the second (delivered) tick and conceal the blue dot on recordings that they listened to. Unlike the regular WhatsApp, though, you still get to determine these from other contacts. Download the GBWhatsapp Download from the box above to enjoy these and more. Also, Click Here if you’d wish to read the full descriptions.

Can WhatsApp GB see hidden status?

GB WhatsApp allows you to hide your online status so that nobody knows whether you’re online or not. You’ll still be able to send and receive messages, though. to point out this, on the chat tab, tap the three-dot menu, tap Privacy, and tap Hide Online Status.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro safe?

Not only GBWhatsapp but none of the Gb Whatsapp clones are safe. So, Whatsapp has mentioned that they do not tolerate the altered versions of their application in terms of services.

Change Log Of Download GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20 Free.

  • Change notify-bar icon
  • Multi gif providers
  • Video status limits to 7 minutes rather than 30 seconds are often shared
  • Enable password
  • Amazing tick styles
  • Neat launcher icons
  • Multiple Languages
  • Up to 50 MB of video files are usually sent
  • Click to Mark Status or Story as Viewed.
  • Option: Tap to travel to the primary Message in Chats.
  • Recently Added: Enable 5-min status or story.
  • It increased: Message forward count limits to 250 rather than 5.
  • Increase in Delete message time, i.e., delete for 100 days!
  • Added: Anti-Ban.
  • Fixed difficulty in App Language Change in Android Pie and Oreo devices.
  • Forces close while selecting quite two contacts in Message Scheduler/
  • Auto Reply is additionally fixed.
  • GBWA Enabled: Group Calls, Swipe to Reply.
  • Option for Revoked Message Notification duration.
  • No Need for a Separate App for GBThemes.
  • I fixed many bugs from the Older GBWhatsApp version.
  • Other reforms and bug fixes for the app.

Advantages of Using Gbwhatsapp Apk

  • Dual Whatsapp Account: GBWhatsapp allows users to line up two WhatsApp accounts on one; you’ll directly use Gbwhatsaap with two phone numbers.
  • Auto-Reply Tools: GBwhatsaopp has an inbuilt auto-reply feature that permits users to line the specified keyword and its response; any time there’s a message associated with this keyword or exactly this keyword, this tool will automatically reply to them.
  • Hide Read Ticks: These features won’t allow your contact to ascertain whether you’ve got read their status or not.
  • Download Whatsapp Status: This feature will enable you to download other contacts’ Whatsapp statuses to your phone gallery.
  • Customize Whatsapp Layout: Gbwhatsapp allows you to customize your WhatsApp layout to your taste; you’ll use different themes to build the app or customize yours. You’ll even create your compositions and share them with friends.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro

Features of Gbwhatsapp Apk Full version

  • Available all features of GB MOD
  • Change theme
  • Download free unique themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • Dual/Multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Various languages
  • Status is often copied.
  • Send large files of videos, audios, images
  • Video files of up to 50 MB are often sent.
  • Hide online status, double tick
  • Hide seen Message, delivered message staus
  • Always online feature
  • Able to send quite ten images
  • New and customized emojis for GB WhatsApp users
  • Backup feature
  • Add stickers from Google Play.
  • Various launcher icons
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide writing status

More Features of Gbwhatsapp Apk Latest version

  • Hide recording status
  • Connectable with WhatsApp web, but the features don’t work there.
  • Auto-reply messages
  • Create and customize themes are often employed by other GBWA users.
  • An audio file up to 100 MB at a time.
  • status Video is limited to 7 minutes rather than 30 seconds
  • Enable password
  • Amazing tick styles
  • Cool launcher icons
  • Change notify-bar icon
  • Multi gif providers
  • Change video player
  • Log available
  • Message Scheduler

What Is GBWhatsapp Apk v16.20 Full Version 2022?

GBWhatsapp Apk, the newest version, comes with plenty of new features. Further fixes and features during this version are listed below;

  • Update the market version too.
  • New interface design in GB WhatsApp Pro.
  • Change between light and dark mode by default.
  • New style for the status in Gbwhatsapp pro; now it’s like an IG story.
  • Change rock bottom bar style.
  • They fixed the difficulty in WhatsApp Pro when the contact picture isn’t shown within the group.

How can I install the GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version on Android Phone?

This might look strange, but some people still ask this sort of question since GBWhatsapp user keeps increasing every second. there’s no difference between installing the old version and, therefore, the newer version of GBWhatsApp on your android phone below. I will be able to state how you’ll install any version of GBWhatsApp on your android phone.

Step1: Use the above download button to download the newest version of GBWhatsApp.

Step2: Now navigate where the apk file is. Most browsers save downloaded files inside the “Download Folder.”

Step3: Tap the downloaded GB WhatsApp file, then click install. Something might crop up telling you to enable “Unknown source,” click “Yes,” then navigate to your phone setting > select permission, then click on “Enable,” return to the GBwhatsapp file, and install it again. It’ll fit perfectly this point.

How to Install GBWhatsapp on iPhone

  1. To install GBWhatsapp on your iPhone, you’ve got to download the IOS file; there’s a button below to try to do that.
  2. Locate where the IOS file is and click on thereon.
  3. It will take a couple of seconds to be put in after the installation and launch of the app.
  4. Log in together with your WhatsApp number and verify it.
  5. Now you’ll enjoy this excellent app on iPhone

App Descriptions Of GBWhatsapp Download

The GBWhatsApp Pro mod allows users of the essential WhatsApp app to enjoy more flexibility, authority, and control over their accounts. This drag they could face with their traditional app model, but this mod involves making all that better.

GBWhatsApp Pro is the modified version of Whatsapp and has many features that aren’t available within the official version. Users of those mod versions are subjected to ban, so use with caution. You’re advised not to use your primary number during this app. Bookmark this page for straightforward access anytime this app gets updated. Many thanks for selecting our site

Download GBWhatsApp Pro Full Version

Version : v16.20 | Base : | Size : 50MB

Direct Download + Mirror Download

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